Josep Ribera-Florit

The Josep Ribera i Florit Prize

The Premi Josep Ribera i Florit, or Josep Ribera i Florit Prize, named in commemoration of the intellectual labour of Doctor Josep Ribera-Florit, was introduced in 2017 by the Societat Catalana d’Estudis Hebraics (Catalan Society of Hebraic Studies) of Barcelona and with the collaboration of the Institut Privat d’Estudis Món Juïc (Private Institute of Studies of the Jewish World).

Its general conditions are as follows:

-Prize offered for the best undergraduate thesis on Jewish studies or Hebrew studies.

-The call is open to those who graduated after 1 February 2014.

-The theses must be unpublished, written in Catalan and have a maximum length of fifty pages.

-Theses which have previously been prizewinners or funded by the Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Institute of Catalan Studies) or by another institution will not be considered.

-Applications must be made electronically through the form available on the IEC website, where a PDF of the thesis must be uploaded, as well as a certificate of studies for the authors and a copy of their Spanish national identity card. The confirmation of electronic transmission must be signed and sent to

-The jury will be chosen by the Board of Directors of the Catalan Society for Hebraic Studies.

-The value of the award is one thousand and seven hundred euros (1700 €) and the prizewinner will receive an accrediting certificate.

-The Catalan Society for Hebraic Studies reserves the right to publish the prize-winning work in the annual journal Tamid. Revista Catalana Anual d’Estudis Hebraics. Acceptance of the prize implies the commitment of the authors to adapt the work to the article format so it can be published in the journal.


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